S.K.H. Good Shepherd Kindergarten

Good Shepherd Kindergarten
Curriculum Highlights
Provide an environment for children to learn happily, grow healthily, develop self confidence and responsibility, cultivate thankful and loving attitude, promote unity and self-discipline, and facilitate active learning, critical thinking and problem-solving skills.
1. Theme Based Teaching
Based on characteristics of children by age and multi-intelligence concept, teaching activities are designed to encourage children to observe, think and act. Different teaching materials, environment layout, outdoor visits and computer software will be used in different themes to promote optimum learning.
2. Biliterate and trilingual
English teacher and Putonghua teacher let children use English and Putonghua in daily life through activities and music games.
3. Whole Language Approach
Through different varieties of books, children discover knowledge and learn languages in a fun way.
4. Fun learning math
Using 5E teaching method, let children connect mathematics concepts with life through stories and games.
5. STEM Lego Course
Through lego, students are inspired to explore the spirit of science.
6. Art Based Teaching
Our art activities are based on an approach to “reflect”, “create” and “appreciate”. This helps to promote creativity in young children.
7. Learning at home
Through school-based online courses and multimedia such as EviGarten (http://www.evigarten.com/hk) , children are encouraged to extend their learning at home.