S.K.H. Good Shepherd Kindergarten

Good Shepherd Kindergarten

    Our school always attaches great importance to the growth and health of our children, so we participate in the "Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project" every year. The dentist will visit our school regularly to have oral examination for our children and parents will get the examination reports as to let them better understand their children's dental conditions.

The dentist team and volunteer dentist-Dr. Alfred Hui Ting Hang came to our school to help checking the teeth of our children and to teach them the correct way for brushing their teeth! Please enjoy the following videos of that day.

Video 1: "Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project”

Link: https://youtu.be/k8-z_ScWKJI

Video 2: Volunteer Dentist-Dr. Alfred Hui Ting Hang of the "Jockey Club Children Oral Health Project”

Link: https://youtu.be/UCegEhKEKQ0

    In March 2021, a reporter from the magazine of the Lotus Group "OURS Mom and Baby" visited our school to interview Principal Sun. The reporter interviewed Principal Sun and two parents to understand our school's curriculum characteristics; the photographer also took many pictures of our children’s campus life. We are looking forward to the publication!