S.K.H. Good Shepherd Kindergarten

Good Shepherd Kindergarten

 1. Registration arrangements 

(1)Successful applicants:

Parents must bring along the [Registration required documents] to our school for registration. 


[Registration required documents]

  • 1. Original copy of " Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission" / " Kindergarten Admission Pass";
  • 2. Four self-addressed envelopes (each envelope's size should be around 4x9 inches, attached with HKD $2 stamp, and with student name as receiver)
  • 3. Two recent photos ( size: 1½ inches x 2 inches, please write student name and student no. at the back of each photo.)
  • 4. Registration fee HKD$970


  • Please be reminded that if parents cannot submit the RC / AP during registration, the KG may not be able to complete registration for their child. Hence, parents are required to submit application for the registration document to the EDB within the specified period.
  • If the child concerned studies in the KG, the registration fee paid will be refunded . 


(2)Waiting list applicants:

If there are still vacancies in our school, our school will send a notice to individual students. Parents are requested to bring the above-mentioned registration documents on the designated date and visit our school to register.


2. Arrangement for rejecting the offer 

(1) Please inform our school in writing.

(2) Return the " Registration Certificate for Kindergarten Admission" / " Kindergarten Admission Pass" within seven working days of the notice.

(3) The paid registration fee will not be refunded.